Acorn Campground Opening Information

Updated 5/01/2020


We hope this message finds you and your families safe and healthy.  This is a confusing and difficult time for everyone.  Hopefully the information below will provide some insight.  We are eager to get this season started and feel that, as SEASONAL CAMPERS, this can be accomplished with great success.  Come down, enjoy the great outdoors, and make yourself aware of the restrictions.  This can still be your “happy place”, with your “campground friends” while social distancing.


Campground Opening:

Seasonal Campers

  Acorn Campground will be opening to Seasonal (full season campers under contract for 2020) –

Saturday, May 2nd, 2020 at 10am

  The opening for Seasonals was authorized by NJ Executive Order 133.


Short-Term Campers:

  Executive Order 133 bans short term/transient camping.


Season Dates:

Seasonal campers - The paid Seasonal season now begins on Saturday May 2nd, 2020 at 10am and ends on Monday, September 28, 2020 at 5pm.


Campground Amenities:

The following amenities are currently closed based on Executive Order 133.

  Public Restrooms – All campground bathrooms are closed.  Use the restroom in your unit. ● Pool

  Game Room


  Playgrounds & basketball court


COVID-19/Health Policies:

You can enter Acorn Campground if you are healthy:

  Individuals who have recovered from COVID-19 and waited the CDC recommended amount of recovery time.

You cannot enter Acorn Campground if you have the following:

  Anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19.

  Individuals exposed to COVID-19 and not showing symptoms must wait the CDC required 14-day period of no-symptoms in order to enter Acorn Campground.

  People who develop symptoms while staying in Acorn Campground need to proceed to their primary residence.  Our entire county has one hospital and they may not be able to handle an influx of COVID-19 patients.



Policies for camping in Acorn Campground under COVID-19 restrictions:

  Our office will be closed to foot traffic.  We have arranged a walk-up window at front of office, to conduct any business.  Ideally, we would like to conduct business over phone or via email.  Checks, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.  No cash.

  Campers are confined to their campsites under the same set of rules that NJ homeowners are currently confined to for residential homes. ● Groups and gatherings are currently prohibited by NJ Executive Order.

  Social distancing of 6 feet is mandated in the campground.

  You must wear a mask when inside campground facilities and when interacting with people outside of your campsite.  Walking the campground with a mask is not required.  If you choose to stop and interact with people, then a mask is suggested.

  Campfires are allowed at individual campsites, subject to the social distancing restrictions. ● ‘Campers’ are the contract holders and their immediate families and previously named individuals on your 2020 contract.

  No guest or visitors until further notice.

  As usual, all individuals in the campground must be able to remove themselves from the property at any time.  In other words, everyone must have a vehicle on site and the ability to depart the campground in their vehicle.

  It is in your best interest to bring all your supplies with you.  Local stores here have limited supplies on hand.



  Our primary means of communications will be with the email we have on file.

  Acorn Campground’s official Face Book page will be used for some communication.

  To contact the office please call (609) 886-7119 or email  We intend to answer the phones and email during regular business hours.



Governor Murphy says – “We’ll be looking very, very closely this weekend in how people adhere to these, both social distancing guidelines as well as whether or not you’re covering your face,” Murphy said Wednesday. “If we don’t like what we see, I hate to say this, I reserve the right to reverse the Executive Order that I’m signing today. So please enjoy the parks, but stay away from each other. Do not congregate. Wear a face covering, be responsible. If we have a good weekend this weekend, that hopefully can lead to better days ahead. We can keep these parks open.”



By entering Acorn Campground property, you agree to follow the new rules and restrictions.