FAQ for Seasonal Campers

My electric isn't working, what do I do?

  1. Check to see if the trailer is plugged in.
  2. Check to see if the circuit breaker in the outside box is turned on.
  3. Check to see if the trailer breakers are turned on.

My propane/hot water heater isn't working, what do I do?

  1. Check if your stove will light. If yes, go to step 4. If no, try step 2 and 3.
  2. Check to see if the propane tank outside is turned on. It is a grey handle on the side of the valve.
  3. Check if the selector switch on the regulator is pointing to the correct tank. If there is a selector switch, it is either a black flap or a grey dial on the front of the regulator. The regulator is the grey metal part between the propane tank and the trailer.
  4. Make sure you have followed the lighting instructions on the hot water heater. If this is the first time of the year, be patient. The gas takes a long time to go from the propane tank to the hot water heater. Keeping the stove lit for a few minutes will help.
  5. If the stove doesn't light and the hot water heater won't light, you either have a wrong setting in step 2 or have no propane.

My water stinks, what do I do?

  1. The problem is in your system: either your hose, trailer pipes, or hot water heater. Your hose should be white with a blue stripe for potable water. Disconnect your hose at our spigot.
  2. Drain some water out and pour a cup of bleach into the hose.
  3. Reconnect the hose and turn on our spigot.
  4. Go into your trailer and turn on your faucet until you smell bleach on both the hot and cold side. Then, turn everything off.
  5. Allow the bleach to soak in the system for as long as possible.
  6. Flush the entire system until the bleach smell is gone.

I need to remove a black water toilet tank mountain, what do I do?

Using this method will never take longer than a few hours but will be  hard work. You are in and out of the trailer, filling and draining the tank, and opening and closing the valve.

  1. How much time do you have? You can help the problem by filling the tank and letting it sit for several hours or overnight.
  2. Use a long toilet spray wand to get drainage. Jab the want down into the mound as far as possible.
  3. Use low pressure to prevent filling the tank and turn the wand on. Be very careful not to overfill the black tank. Continue until you have drainage.
  4. Put the spray want into the top of the mound and then press down at an angle. Turn the water on.
  5. The water will come back up the hole created by the wand. If you go straight down, the ugly water may spray back in your face.
  6. You can plug the hole in the bottom of the toilet with a rag to prevent spray-back.
  7. Use the wand to try to destroy the mound from the inside out. The object is to saturate the mound with water to soften it. Keep the wand moving.
  8. Continue turning the wand on and off while opening and closing the value.


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