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Trailer Listing


Office staff:  Please file this with seasonal contracts once it is posted on the web
















Does this price include the site fee for the remainder of the season?  Yes/No


Can we release your keys and allow people to tour your trailer unescorted?  Yes/No


Acorn Campground will privide the above information, both on our website and in the office, as a courtesy.  We will do this free of charge.  Acorn Campground assumes no responsibility for the listing and has no involvement in any aspect of the transaction.  All transferred units on site at Acorn Campground are subject to $500 transfer fee.  Transfer fee is negotiated between the buyer and seller.  Transfer fee is payable to Acorn Campground before the new owner can receive gate cards.  Seasonal site fees and transfer fees may or may not be included in the sale of the unit.


When the campground is closed, it is your responsibility to show your trailer, please make arrangements to meet prospective buyers.


In order to sell your trailer on site: